Ural 1 welding extruder

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We Express our gratitude to You for purchasing our power tools. The Ural-1 welding extruder is designed for professional use. All mechanical components of the device are manufactured to meet the increased requirements for reliability and power reserve. The electronic control unit, specially designed for extruders Ural 1, will provide automatic control and management of all indicators of the device, will help to perform the work at a professional level. Delivery throughout Russia and the CIS.

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Welding extruder (Ural-1)

Purpose of the product.
Permanent connection of parts (sheets, pipes, profiles) made of thermoplastic polymer materials by feeding a homogenized mass of filler material into a heated bath formed by the edges of the parts to be connected.


Production of pipelines, aeration systems, tanks, septic tanks, sheet and film structures for various purposes, elimination of defects in plastic products, etc.


Principle of operation
The filler material (PE granules, PP, crushed waste) is poured into the Loading Hopper (5) (see Fig.1), from where it is captured by the Screw (1) through the receiving hole in the Sleeve (2) and enters the heating zone, passing through which it acquires a plastic state. As a heat carrier in the Heating chamber (4), hot air is used, supplied from a special device (11) through a pipeline (9). The screw rotation drive (10) is an Electromechanical mixer installed in the Mandrel (6).
The filler material is fed into the welding zone through the Hole of the welding Nozzle (3). the connected parts are heated in the welding zone by hot air, which is supplied under pressure through the outlet of the Heating chamber (4). the product is equipped with a Handle on the Sleeve (2) for ease of operation (8). the parameters of the weld Are determined by the parameters of the cross-section of the outlet of the replaceable Welding Nozzle(3).


Preparation for work
Before starting work, warm up the mechanism for 7-10 minutes!
Important! Pay attention to how warm your nozzle (Shoe) is) The nozzle must be warmed up very well, so that the nozzle does not form a cork from the frozen extrusion.
Fill the feed hopper with the filler material.(fraction of 3-4 mm)


ATTENTION! It is not allowed to use non-ground waste as an additive material, as well as foreign particles (metal, wood, etc.) entering the loading hopper. Such violations may cause the screw to break or jam and cause the drive to fail.
Set the heating and air supply mode “warm-up”(2) to the maximum temperature( about 580 deg.), and let the device work for 7-10 minutes.

Note: (the 1st mode of the air supply speed on the hair dryer is used when welding thin (1mm) materials. The air flow is small, thus there is a gentle heating. The sheet does not deform…

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Operation of the welding extruder


Make a test seam. During operation, visually monitor the quality of the weld. If it is necessary to temporarily stop working (for example, to fill the material into the loading hopper), the extruder should be switched to (0) mode. When resuming operation, re-set the operating mode (2).


Security measures
The product meets all requirements that ensure the safety of life and health of the consumer, as well as environmental protection.
Keep in mind that the temperature of the extruded mass of the filler material, as well as the temperature on the surface of the welding nozzle and the heating chamber during operation is at least 150 degrees Celsius.


It is not allowed to operate the product with the lid of the loading hopper removed, as well as to clean the hopper when the power supply to the screw drive is turned on
It is forbidden: to work without grounding, to work in wet weather, to work with faulty wiring, to use the extruder for other purposes, to work without a certificate or other authorization document for training with a manual welding extruder, to leave it unattended, to work without preheating the extruder (there is no protection against “cold start”), to make any changes to the design. It is forbidden to work near explosive liquids, compounds, objects, unstable position of the operator and the structure being welded. It is forbidden to transfer the extruder to an untrained and untrained person who does not have a permit. It is forbidden to work in the dark or in poor light. It is forbidden to work with materials that emit toxic substances.


The price of the extruder (Ural-1) is 25,000 rubles.
The set includes 2 shoes.
The price of an additional nozzle (metal) for Your tasks is 800 rubles.
The price of an additional nozzle (fluoroplast) is 2500 rubles.
Products manual welding extruder Ural-1 No019602710-061I.
Warranty repair of the mechanical part of the extruder is 1 (one) year.
Warranty service does not apply to the hair dryer and mixer. The hair dryer can be installed by any manufacturer and any price category. The seat is 40mm. The power of the hair dryer is not less than 2000 watts.
Technical specifications – page 3
Manufacturer of products Engineering and technical center (SP Matveev S. V.)
Date of manufacture 18.04.2019


Repairs are not performed without presenting a warranty card. If the ticket is not fully filled in, it is withdrawn by the warranty workshop, and claims on the quality of the product are not accepted.

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Recommendations for

Working with the Extruder

Read all the sections carefully and follow the requirements set out in them.

Before starting work, check the operation of the extruder.
Install the required attachment and make sure that it is securely and correctly attached;

Check the operation of the extruder by turning it on for 10 seconds.

Do not allow dust to enter the ventilation slots of the hair dryer, which may cause it to overheat. Turn off the hair dryer regularly to cool down and remove dust. If a large amount of dust is generated during operation, use dust collectors, and when working in a confined space, use forced ventilation.


Power tool warranty terms and conditions

The warranty period of the power tool is 12 months from the date of sale . During the warranty period, the owner has the right to repair the product free of charge for malfunctions resulting from manufacturing defects:

damage caused by the use of low-quality material;
Assembly defects caused by the manufacturer.

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Copyright certificate

Экструдеры Патент
Декларация о соответствии Лабораторные Z
Декларация о соответствии РСЭ
Ручные сварочные экструдеры



To purchase a manual welding extruder


Our engineering and technical center produces manual welding extruders for welding plastics.

Manual welding extruders from the ITC-Extruder plant, reliable devices of Russian production.

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Инженерно-Технический центр «ЭкструдерМаш»
Модельный ряд РСЭ

A manual extruder is a reliable machine that cooks with pellets or a bar.

Модельный ряд Лидер

Manual extruder “Leader” is a new group of the model range in 2020.

Сварочный пруток

This is the filler material used to form the welding seam.

Насадки для ручных экструдеров

Form the configuration of the seam from the molten mass (extrusion). We have about 20 attachments.

Manufacturer of manual extruders


Engineering and technical center “Ekstrudermash” is engaged in welding manual extruders razrabotkoi (Leader-1, Leader-1M, Leader-2, Leader-3, Leader-4, Leader-5, Leader-6, RS-1, RS-1M, RS-3, RS-5, RS-6, Ural-1, Ural-2, Ural-Ural I. 3-3P) muvyr welding of plastics.

ITTs-Extradermal is located in Schelkovo, Moscow region

Доставка экструдеров

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